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Like what you see? Want to see your business’ name on the Carson Valley Times? Give us a call at 775-781-6900 or e-mail us at and we’ll be happy to review our advertising options with you. Our rates range between $50 and $150 per month based on the size and placement of your ad. We’ll help you find a package of advertisements that works best for your business and your budget.


Be seen by engaged, local readers!

Of the nearly 130,000 unique visitors that read the Carson Valley Times over the past year from all over the world, 68,856 logged in from Nevada and 40,313 were located in Carson Valley, according to Google Analytics data from June 30, 2016-June 29, 2017. For reference, the population of Douglas County is 48,020 residents.

Location                                 Unique Visitors

Gardnerville                          11,167

Gardnerville Ranchos      20,752

Johnson Lane                       4,791

Minden                                    3,603

There were also 11,477 readers in Carson City, 8,903 from Reno, 3,511 from South Lake Tahoe, 8,568 from San Francisco and 6,304 from Sacramento

CVT Geographic Reader Saturation For July 2016-June 2017. Source: Google Analytics

Local readers are extremely important to us because that’s the base that can potentially walk through your door today

Now, not all of those readers log into the Carson Valley Times every day — or even every month.

While during the course of the year we reach roughly 85 percent of the actual, real population of Carson Valley, there is a consistent, verifiable core group of around 5,250 unique visitors located in and around Carson Valley that reads the Carson Valley Times each month.

What’s a unique visitor?

A unique visitor is, very simply, a single device logging into a web site — whether it be from a mobile phone, an iPad, and Amazon Kindle or a desktop computer. While there is some duplication — one reader can log in from a cell phone and a desktop computer and be counted as two unique visitors, for example — there is also combination reduction, meaning that a family of four could each log in from the same desktop computer and be counted as one unique visitor overall. So there is some balancing out.  Unique visitors are the closest quantitative sum we have to show how many people read the Carson Valley Times during a set period time.

Overall Monthly Analytics

Google Analytics

70,900 page views per month (average for 2016)

12,370 unique visitors per month (average for 2016)

Social Media

Facebook: 12,300 likes

Twitter: 1,800 followers

Instagram: 3,300 followers

E-Mail: 950 subscribers

Mobile App: 1,800 subscribers

Other Numbers Of Note

Average Reader Session Duration: 1 minute, 23 seconds

Bounce Rate (The percentage of readers who view only one page or story on the site before leaving ): 1.58 percent

In other words, 98 out of 100 visitors to the Carson Valley Times stick around for at least one more story. The average reader sticks around for at least 3 stories!

What makes us different

– We do not accept national brand advertisements.

– We do not accept political advertising.

– We are not a part of any national or regional advertising network. The only way to be on the Carson Valley Times and reach a rapidly growing readership in the Minden-Gardnerville area is to advertise through us.

– Our ads are embedded in the HTML code of the Web  site and hosted within the Web site. This way, they are not susceptible to “ad-block” software and we can handle any changes or fixes in-house.

– Our ads are mobile-friendly, placed within the text of our stories so that our mobile readers (which comprise roughly 60 percent of our audience) still see the ads prominently when on their cell phones or tablets.

– We don’t believe in cookie-cutter advertising. Different types of ads work for different types of businesses. We’ll work with you to find the most effective ways to connect our readers with your business.

Available Advertising Packages

(examples are shown at full size)

Tile Box Ad Example

Appears at base of stories in a balanced random rotation with other Tile Box ads

Also appears on Right-hand column of all stories & pages in rotating order with other Tile Box Ads

On average, these ads are viewed 30,000-40,000 times (or impressions) per month.

 1 month  3 months  6 months  12 months
 Rates  $50  $142  $270  $498


Big Box Example

Appears after second paragraph of stories in a balanced random rotation with other Big Box ads. Includes a Tile Box Placement.

1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
Rates $100 $285 $540 $1,000

Banner Ad Example

Appears at the top of stories, just under the headline, in a balanced random rotation with other Banner ads. Includes a Tile Box ad along the side of the desktop web site, and a banner ad on the Mobile App.

1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
Rates $150 $427 $810 $1,440

CVT Mobile App/E-Mail Edition Title Sponsor

The Carson Valley Times delivers an e-mail edition every weekday and maintains a free mobile app on iTunes and the Google store.

Available packages:

Title Sponsor: $300/monthly. Includes Banner ad appearing at the top of the E-mail Edition, logo on welcome screen “CVT presented by …”; a splash page ad appearing directly after the welcome screen; a strip ad to appear in random rotation with other strip ads in the app; a banner-size add on the Carson Valley Times  main web site; and promotional considerations on social media.

CVT Wars

Burger WarsCarson Valley Times runs a monthly Reader’s Choice competition that regularly comes in near the top of our most-read lists.

Title Sponsor: $150/month. Includes logo on main art, Banner ad on the Reader’s Choice page and multiple plugs on social media throughout the month.

fullpageWe publish a weekly GameDay digital magazine for the fall, winter and spring sports seasons which also is printed for the Douglas High School all sports program. Half of the proceeds from publication go to the high school athletic program.

Full Page Ad

$300 for the full year.

Half Page Ad

$150 for the full year.

Business Card Ad (3.5×2 inches)

$50 for the full year.

You can view examples of the format by clicking here.


($100 per month) An example: Ironwood 8 CinemasVariablePackageExampleThis is our variable package. With this package, we’ll build you a page for your business that exists on our Web site. We then promote it weekly as part of our content. You can have us do whatever you want – video introduction, social media channels, rundown of staff and prices and services. It’s kind of a fluid package. The movie theater, for instance, had us build a slideshow to show the movies playing each week and then build a spot to show the movie trailers. The sky is kind of the limit with this package. If you have a direct mail piece or a flyer, we can post that on this page, and also as a regular part of our reader content. The goal is to connect your office with our readers and this is the spot that gives us the most flexibility in doing that.

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