From The Experts: IT Management — Maintaining Access To The Super Highway

Posted By on February 24, 2017

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by Kate Cunningham, E Squared C · 4 min read


Information technology promises to put answers at our fingertips, streamline our work, connect us to colleagues, and expedite our communications. Yet, at the end of many days, the Information Superhighway seems to be full of potholes, interrupted by detours, or blocked by mudslides.

Keeping information flowing smoothly and systems running seamlessly requires more than just patching potholes or making other emergency repairs. Monitoring, updating, auditing, protecting, and analyzing IT systems requires 24-hour-a-day vigilance.

One for All
Small- and medium-sized businesses sometimes hire an IT specialist to manage a wide range of responsibilities—from keeping licenses and software updated to selecting, purchasing, installing, and networking hardware. Despite his or her talents, training, and willingness to learn, this office superhero can quickly run into limitations. Monitoring servers 24/7, updating software outside normal business hours to reduce impact on end users, and handling daily tech crises for individual employees often leaves little time for strategic planning and proactive

​All for One 

Outsourcing IT services to a Managed IT Service Provider gives businesses greater breadth and depth of expertise and allows them to proactively maintain and improve that superhighway so that information flows freely—all at one
fixed monthly cost. With a Managed IT Service Provider, businesses secure a deep bench of experts to future proof
the productivity of the business.

Payroll vs. Monthly Service Fee
By proactively assessing the hardware, software, and systems in place, Managed IT Service Providers help businesses save money. Comprehensive analysis of IT infrastructure—in light of current and projected business needs—can help businesses plan for growth, budget for upgrades, and prevent future downtime. These proactive services help businesses avert outages, protect data, and proof for audits—all of which can reduce current and future costs.

A monthly services fee can also provide a substantial savings when compared to the cost of wages, benefits, and office space for employees. Other hidden costs, not always considered by employers, include the cost of hiring and supervising tech employees as well as the cost of tech support outside of business hours or when employees are on vacation.

The Benchmark 

With a Managed IT Service Provider, businesses tap a team of experts specializing in specific technologies. While the titles and functions may change depending on the business sector, the following areas of expertise are critical to proactively maintaining and improving IT infrastructure.

Network Engineer
Responsible for networking equipment routers, switches, firewalls, and VLANs (Virtual
Local Area Network) to make sure data flows properly and is optimized for speed,
security, and reliability.
Systems Engineer
Responsible for installing, configuring, managing, and monitoring all systems to ensure
the highest levels of availability and redundancy.
Network Administrator
Responsible for designing and optimizing end user experience, keeping applications
current, securely storing and transferring links to end users, and designing group
Database Architect
Responsible for integrating software suites or designing custom suites to optimize
information storage and sharing.
Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO)
Responsibilities include providing technology summaries, developing strategic plans,
designing desk resources, assisting with budget planning, and analyzing business impact
of technology decisions.

Increasingly, businesses are turning their IT management over to Managed IT Service Providers to secure the breadth and depth of comprehensive expertise required to maintain and improve the business processes they rely upon—and their access to the Information Superhighway.

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