Wrestling: All-Northern 4A Honors Announced

Posted By on February 16, 2017

Staff Reports

RENO, Nev. — Postseason honors for Northern 4A high school wrestling were announced earlier this week.


Ian Timmins (Wooster), Lower Weight Wrestler of the Year
Israel Casarez (Reed), Middle Weight Wrestler of the Year
Andrew Berreyesa (Reno), Upper Weight Wrestler of the Year
Joe Imelli (Spanish Springs), Coach of the Year

1st Team 106 lbs.
Anthony Sissom (Spanish Springs)
Eric Lopez (Reno)
2nd Team 106 1bs.
Bryce Bell (Damonte Ranch)
Trey Walters (North Valleys)

1st Team 113 lbs.
Brandon Basa (Carson)
JR Garcia (McQueen)
2nd Team 113 lbs.
Owen Jones (Spanish Springs)
Ramone Alvarez-Martinez (Damonte Ranch)

1st Team 120 lbs.
Jacob Ruiz (Spanish Springs)
Alejandro Casarez (Reed)
2nd Team 120 lbs.
Greg Ewert (Damonte Ranch)
Cory Sego (Spanish Springs)

1st Team 126 lbs.
Ian Timmins (Wooster)
Frankie Giovanetti (Reno)
2nd Team 126 1bs.
Nicholas Poalillo (Spanish Springs)
Marshall Hauck (Damonte Ranch)

1st Team 132 lbs.
David Montes (McQueen)
Tyler Green (McQueen)

2nd Team 132 1bs.
Kyle Rudy (Carson)
Anthony Rosas (Bishop Manogue)

1st Team 138 lbs.
Cameron Sandoval (Damonte Ranch)
Nathan Mersino (Carson)
2nd Team 138 1bs.
Payton Talbott (Reno)
Werner Hunter (Spanish Springs)

1st Team 145 lbs.
Connor Pearson (Reno)
Kai Ward (McQueen)
2nd Team 145 1bs.
Isaac Ruiz (Spanish Springs)
Christian Richer (Reed)

1st Team 152 lbs.
Israel Casarez (Reed)
Joseph McKay (Spanish Springs)
2nd Team 152 1bs.
Cy Giovanetti (Reno)
Anthony Florez (McQueen)

1st Team 160 lbs.
Cole Drescher (Spanish Springs)
Christian Hanley (Wooster)
2nd Team 160 1bs.
Jarod Butler (Carson)
Ruben Ruiz (McQueen)

1st Team 170 lbs.
Andrew Berreyesa (Reno)
Blake Murray (Douglas)
2nd Team 170 1bs.
Colby Preston (Spanish Springs)

Jesse Case (Carson)

1st Team 182 lbs.
Drake McAdow (Damonte Ranch)
Logan Hutcherson (Reno)
2nd Team 182 1bs.
Tim Eubanks (Reed)
Sheldon Martin (North Valleys)

1st Team 195 lbs.
Joey Miller (McQueen)
Mark Abel Carter (Carson)
2nd Team 195 1bs.
Casey Preston (Spanish Springs)
Kenneth Martinez (Hug)

1st Team 220 lbs.
Austin Lemons (Reno)
Caleb Fawley (Galena)
2nd Team 220 lbs.
Killian Hurley (Spanish Springs)
Randy Nemedez (Reed)

1st Team 285 lbs.
Sheldon Miller (Carson)
Tyler Barats (Spanish Springs)
2nd Team 220 1bs.
Mason Gill (Reno)
Robert Siavao (Galena)