Carson Valley Sertoma Offers Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid Collection & Hearing Loss Education

Posted By on February 15, 2017

by Eileen Behr, Carson Valley Sertoma Club · 1 min read

MINDEN, Nev. —  “I didn’t know that!” That’s the phrase Sharon Beller, Carson Valley Sertoma member, heard most often at the Senior Health Fair last month. Beller was spreading the word that hearing damage today can last a lifetime and there are ways to prevent injury now for better hearing later in life. With a table of information about “SAFEEars!,” Sertoma’s hearing loss prevention educational series and Sertoma’s hearing aid donation and distribution program, she let people know that Carson Valley Sertoma does more than run Bingo games.

Sharon Beller, Carson Valley Sertoma Club, provides hearing loss prevention
information to a participant at the Senior Health Fair

Worldwide, Sertoma’s mission is to improve the quality of life today for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support. Speech and hearing loss education and hearing aid distribution programs are important and Nevada is one of only three states that does not have a mandated speech and hearing program. Only 10 percent of Nevada’s children with hearing deficits and their parents learn sign language, putting them at risk for educational problems.

UNR has a noted audiology program and WNC has its Deaf Studies program, but they can serve only a small portion of Nevada’s deaf population. If you missed the Senior Health Fair, the information is available at all Sertoma events, including Bingo on the first Sunday of the month, on the Sertoma website ( and from any Carson Valley Sertoma member.
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