Don Q’s Fishing Report For Northern Nevada & Beyond: July 10

Posted By on July 10, 2015

by Don Quilici, Special to the Carson Valley Times

Fishing Report

As of July 08


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Surface temp reaching 65.5 degrees by mid-day and water quality is excellent.

Aquatic insect hatches are on the top of the fish food menu.

Even with all this food available fish are still chasing lures.

I have been running fast action the last week and had some terrific takedowns.

We have only been averaging about 8 to 9 hits a day, as most fish are very well fed off all the bugs. After 9:30 a.m. the bite has been better all week.

A little breeze really helps. 

Courtesy of Western Outdoor News/Almanor Fishing Adventures.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Fishing continues to be good here for both bait and fly anglers alike as the Gallagher Hatchery has stocked several thousand 10 inch tiger trout.

For bait anglers, worms seem to do a bit better than Power Bait on Angel Lake trout. Fish them about four feet under a bobber.

During the heat of the day, use a slip sinker and fish from the bottom with either an inflated worm or Power Bait, both of which will float up from the bottom.

Small spinners work well, and the tiger trout will also take very small minnow imitation lures.

A fly selection should include small wooly and crystal buggers, prince nymphs, PT nymphs, soft hackle nymphs, hares ears and just about anything with peacock herl in it.

They are also hitting dry flies such as Adams, PMD’s, Griffith’s gnats, elk hair caddis, red or yellow humpy’s, yellow stimulators and small ant, beetle and hopper patterns

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Rick and Patti Apted – Lake Sabrina Boat Landing (760-873-7425) ( reports:

Lake Sabrina Boat Landing:

Fourth of July Weekend – 2015

DON’T FORGET THE JACKET (even if it’s warm in Bishop)

WATCH OUT FOR DEER if you’re on the road around dawn or dusk.

Sorry for the delay in the report this week – had some intermittent close lightning & thunder yesterday – it seemed every time I plugged the computer back in to continue with the report another flash would hit.

The run-off is pretty much kaput, but the thunder boomers we had quite frequently thru the week seemed to help.

The waterfall at the back of the Lake picked up a bit. In fact, you’re not going to believe it, but the Lake is almost to the bottom of the launch ramp.


And there’s still more thunderboomers in the forecast for the week!

That also means to the private boaters, you’ll be backing down the launch ramp.

Woo-Hoo – Entertainment – J!

 Hope you all had an awesome Independence Day – we sure did.

Lots of families celebrated at the Lake this weekend.

Even the Bald Eagles came out to celebrate along with a couple of Ospreys. And yup, the Bears, too!

Catching this week was off and on.

We received a stocking from the Department of Fish and WildLife – not sure what happened to the fish.

None of the lunkers from Desert Spring Trout Farm have made an appearance from the Lake – might be the warmer weather or the thunder boomers. 

Those having success were fishing the Inlets with Power Bait, Nightcrawlers and Jigs.

Trolling picked up a bit – might try using Thomas Buoyants or Flashers (Dave Davis) with a Nightcrawler or just use a Nightcrawler or Wooley Bugger. Drifting around the rock piles with a Nightcrawler or Power Bait.

Shore fishing using Power Bait or Nightcrawlers.

Richard Swanson went ‘Old School’ using a Dave Davis (Flasher) and a Nightcrawler picking up a 2-1/4 pounder.

Casey Anderson just used a Nightcrawler to land her 1-1/4 Rainbow.

Robert Snyder caught a 2 pounder with a Rainbow Thomas Buoyant.

Anna Cruz fished for the first time ever with Scott Kawasaki catching not only her first trout ever, but four more for her first limit ever.

It was a GREAT weekend if you love weather and beautiful sunsets.

We’ve had quite a bit of rain thru the week – almost an inch which brought the Lake up a tad.

The thunder boomers are staying in the forecast especially thru the week – hope to be drying out just a bit for the coming weekend before the next round of monsoonal stuff comes back. We don’t mind – sort of like those afternoon thunder boomers.

The temps are forecast to be in the mid to high 60s for highs and in the low 40s for lows. You can check out the weather forecast according to Howard our local weather ‘guesser’ at

You can also check out – enter Aspendell, CA (which is the little community right below Lake Sabrina) in the search field and you’ll get the forecast for at the higher elevation. You may need to scroll down on the webpage to see the temps.

Keeping the info below in the report, in case you missed it . . .

If you’re planning on releasing your catch, use barbless hooks (or just crimp down the barbs with pliers), avoid extensive handling, wet your hands, net and other materials that may come into contact with the fish, NEVER TOUCH THE GILLS, keep the fish fully submerged and upright, allowing it to swim away under its own power. If it’s bleeding, you’re having fish for dinner!

The skeeters are back in hoards – maybe more than hoards – they are just down-right bad right now, so don’t forget the bug juice, but remember to try and keep it, your sunscreen and any other Foo-Foo juices off your hands – fish don’t like the taste or smell.

We’ve got little wrens making a nest right outside the Café door in where the weather instruments are located – Can’t wait to see the little baby wrens.

If you’re coming to the Lake, don’t forget sunscreen and dark glasses –that sun is pretty bright against the blue sky and the glare off the water.


If your hiking with a dog, watch their paws – many ‘city’ dogs are not quite prepared for a long hike on the trail. Still seeing a number of hikers carrying their furry friends down from the backcountry this weekend.

If you’re planning on hiking – PLEASE BE PREPARED – hike with a buddy – leave a note on where you’re headed – when you’re expected back – what you’re wearing – take plenty of water & food – dress in layers – you’ll start out cool, but will probably warm up – CHECK THE WEATHER! Not only is your life on the line, so are the Search and Rescue Teams.

Also, if you meet stock on the trail, please go to the low-side, that way if the mules are startled they’ll go to the high side and not down the canyon.

Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Summer hours:

Boat Rentals & Store Hours – Sunday thru Saturday: 7:00am to 7:00pm

Café Hours  – Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 

Breakfast – 7:00am to 11:00am

Lunch – 11:00am to 4:00pm

All campgrounds are now open in the Bishop Creek Canyon.

Bishop Creek Lodge, Creekside RV Park, Cardinal Village Resort and Parchers Resort are all open.

For those of you who haven’t found us on Facebook, check out

 Hope to see you soon!

Juanita, Rick, Patti, Bryan & Len


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: 

This lake is at an abysmal 13% right now and it won’t get any better.  

Fishing here has been pretty good as fish are really concentrated. 

Small car top boats, prams, and float tubes.  Be careful about driving down to the shoreline as most areas are like quicksand!  

Best spots to fish here are around the dam in the morning tossing small minnow imitations, larger spoons and spinners for the browns that cruise here early and outside the inlet for trout looking for colder water temps. 

Nightcrawlers, Rapala’s, Powerbait, small Kastmasters, and jigs have been good for Rainbows and Browns. 



Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

Bridgeport Reservoir 7/5/15

A small boat launch/courtesy dock near the dam will get you on the water.

Tubers should focus on the drop-offs near the dam with Loebergs, crystal leeches, and punk perch patterns.

On the warmer days still water nymphing with Assassins, callibaetis nymphs, broken back midges, gillies, and flashback PT’s will get you pull downs with your Under-cator. 10-13 feet should get you into them.

See Jeffery at the marina for flies, and fishing info.


Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association (530-365-7500) ( reports:

Fishing at the lake for trout has been a little slow, but there has been a wide open Koke bite from 25 to 35 feet.  They are still only 12 to 13 inches but healthy, thick fish.  

There are still some 2- to 4- pound Macks on Koke gear and you can find 1 to 3 fish up to 18 pounds if you are working for them. 

Courtesy of Western Outdoor News.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Little or no change here as fishing continues to be good for fish in the 9 to 12 inch range.

The usual small spinners, Power Bait and worms should all work.

Fly rodders should be using hare’s ears, PT, prince, copper Johns, zug bugs and small wooly and crystal buggers.

On warm afternoons when the midges are hatching Griffith’s gnats, Adams, elk hair caddis and other popular dry flies in sizes 12 to 18 are worth a try.


Convict Lake Resort (800-992-2260) ( reports:

Catch of the Week: 

Jackie Bentley from Austin, TX with a stout 6 pound 9 ounce Rainbow.

She was using Gulp garlic scented Power bait and was fishing near the Jetty from a boat. 

Jackie Bentley of Austin, TX with a 6 pound 9 ounce Rainbow  caught on Power Bait from a boat at Convict Lake, Ca.  Photo courtesy of the Convict Lake Resort

Jackie Bentley of Austin, TX with a 6 pound 9 ounce Rainbow
caught on Power Bait from a boat at Convict Lake, Ca.
Photo courtesy of the Convict Lake Resort

Other notable catches this week: 

Nora McCall from Cypress, CA with a Rainbow weighing in at 6 pounds even. Nora was fishing near the marina with Power bait. 

Nora McCall of Cypress, CA with a 6 pound Rainbow caught  with Power Bait at Convict Lake, CA.  Photo courtesy of the Convict Lake Resort

Nora McCall of Cypress, CA with a 6 pound Rainbow caught
with Power Bait at Convict Lake, CA.
Photo courtesy of the Convict Lake Resort

Dan Kaffer of Minden, NV, with a fat 5 pound 8 ounce Rainbow.

Dan was using a Nightcrawler while fishing the North Shore.

Dan Kaffer of Minden, NV with a 5 pound 8 ounce Rainbow  caught with a nightcrawler at Convict Lake, CA.

Dan Kaffer of Minden, NV with a 5 pound 8 ounce Rainbow
caught with a nightcrawler at Convict Lake, CA.

Eric Garcia from Anaheim, CA landed a 4 pound 13 ounce Rainbow while fishing at Hangman’s Tree. He was using Salmon Beach Powerbait. 

Hunter Adams from Quartz Hill, CA hooked a 4 pound 1 ounce Rainbow using Garlic Power bait. 

He was posted up along the North Shore.

Jadelynn Vargas from Victorville, CA with a great catch while he was fishing near the Outlet. 

She caught a 3 pound 5 ounce Rainbow using Salmon Peach Power bait.  


Inflated Nightcrawlers and Power bait had the best success this week.

The top Powerbait colors were Salmon Peach and Yellow.

Garlic in any color worked like it always does. 

A number of fish were caught with Mice Tails and Pinched Crawlers. The top color for Mice Tails was orange.

For the trolling crowd Tasmanian Devils or Needlefish continue to hook up quality fish. 

In the creek, Salmon Eggs and small spinners were the hot ticket.

The top shore locations on the lake were the North Shore and Jetty area.

Other locations to try: Inlet, South Shore, the Outlet and Hangman’s Tree. Anglers on boats were having more luck when compared to the shore.

Here is a list of other baits/lures that can be productive: 

Sierra Slammers, Tasmanian Devil, Green or brown Marvel Fly Lures, Trout Teasers, Panther Martin, Needlefish, Roostertails, and Bite-On Fury Shad on Power bait.

I would suggest using some type of added attractant.

Pro-Cure, Bait-On, Lip Ripperz and Berkley all make excellent attractants, which are sold at the general store. 

Here is a list of recommended flies:
Dry Flies:

Adams, Female Adams, Cutter’s Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulators, Black/Red Ants, Sierra Bright Dot, Royal Coachman and Hoppers.

Wooly Bugger (black, brown, olive, or green), Mutuka (black, brown, olive, or green), Hornberg, and Muddler Minnows.
Wet Flies (Nymphs):

Prince Nymph, Flashback Pheasant Tail, Hare’s Ear, Zebra Midge (red and black), Copper John (red and copper) and San Juan Worm (brown or red).

Other Resources:
View our Convict Lake Fishing Map and Fishing Rig Suggestion brochures.

Both brochures are available in the General Store.

Derby News: 

The Ambush at the Lake Fishing Derby will run from September 7th to November 15th. Don’t miss out on a chance to win $6,000 in Resort Prizes!

The Morrison Bonus Cash Weekend will be October 31st – November 1st. $2000 in cash prizes!


The forecast is calling for scattered afternoon thunderstorms during the beginning of the week. The high temps next week will be in the high-70’s and the lows in the mid-50’s. Here is the National Weather Service link that is usually quite accurate: 7-Day Forecast Convict Lake.

Sunrise – Sunset:

Sunrise this week 5:39 am – 5:43 am and Sunset 8:27 pm – 8:20 pm.


DFW is scheduled to stock the creek and lake the week of July 5th. 


Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

Crowley Lake 7/5/15

The red hot bite has slowed considerably.

The steady/consistent periods are more sporadic and revolve around the T-storms.

McGee and the Hiltons are the best areas.  

The fish are concentrated in both areas in the 17-20 foot range foraging on chironomids that live in the mud just outside the submerged weed lines.

Late morning winds have been persistent, & are associated with the seemingly never ending string of T-storms that are hovering over the region.

The barometer begins to drop around noon with east winds, it shuts down the bite.

The lake level has stabilized for the time being, & the heavy aquatic weed lines are growing out to 16 feet all over the lake.

Water clarity is very good for July. This due to the lack of run-off from the cattle pastures. Cow dung is a nutrient that feeds the algae (an aquatic plant). The less dung, the less algae.

The damsel fly migration, and emergence has begun big time.  You will see the nymphs getting pulverized on the surface as a predatory trout aggressively slams the surface.

A variety of midge patterns will work; but these flies have been very consistent for us. Crystal emergers and pupa patterns #18, gillies #18 & 20, crystal tiger midges both dark, and copper #14 through 18 along with their articulated brethren the “broken back midges” #16 and 18.  

Try the BB dark zebra, or the long shank crystal zebra midge as your lower fly in deeper water.

Articulated patterns like broken backs work well when you have “texture” from the wind on the surface.

My Under-cator strike detector “slides” if you wish to make it easier for you to fish deeper water.  

If you prefer tugging streamers from a tube -use a light sinking tip and have some damsel nymphs, crystal leeches #12, or #14 & 12 punk perch streamer patterns.

Look for those aggressive boils around the weed lines in 14 feet. These are the predatory trout feeding on the damsel nymphs.

We are now observing some trout spitting blood from their gills after being netted. This is caused by mineral deposits that attach to the gill filaments, caused by high alkalinity levels in the water. This mineral coating impedes the oxygen exchange process. It’s like when you run very hard, and kinda taste blood after you stop.

It is critical after fighting a fish & net it; that you leave the head completely submerged for a few minutes before removing them from the water to take a hook out; or a quick picture. Net the fish; then let it resuscitate for a while before lifting it out of the water.

We are also seeing some fish that have a skin disease called “strawberry”. This is also caused by high alkalinity. Many of these fish are “post spawn” & have not fully regained their protective slimes. Strawberry looks like small red ulcers on the sides, and fins.

Please practice good catch & release to insure the health of Crowley’s trout.

It is going to be a long, hot summer with very little fresh water circulating into the lake. PH levels will only climb, as oxygen levels fall.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

Fishing from the bank has been tough recently. A lot of the holdover fish have moved into deeper water and those with boats will have the best success.

Hot spots are in the Northwest part of the lake with a good Damsel hatch and a very good Hex hatch on the Northeast shore with hardly any fish feeding on these very large Mayflies! 

Patience needed here but the pay-off could be a large Rainbow! 

Needlefish, Wedding rings, Dick Nites, or similar trolled in about 20-35 feet of water has been best.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

Lake is at 70% capacity.  

Since this lake has been beaten to death by Fourth of July traffic expect it settle down in a couple of days and when it does you’re going to have to work for those trout! Throw everything you have at the trout now, ie:  power bait, nightcrawlers, and salmon eggs and combinations of these baits, spoons and spinners of different varieties.  

By casting closer and then working your way out a little further one can detect what depth the trout are cruising and having patience is key to success now.

Kokanee fishing has remained consistent, though small fish, around the south side west end of the lake and the hump between China Cove and Loch Leven lodge in 45-80 feet of water.

Orange has been the go to color here but don’t discount trying others as you progress to deeper depths and other areas of the lake.  

Some good Mack fishing also in the south side west end of the lake at depths of 80-100 feet with #3 needlefish in Silver, White and Cop Car prints.  

Set back on clip about 80 to 100 feet with no dodger! 


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

Has been fishing slowed a little with the increasing water temps. 

Recommend fishing in the morning and evening hours here with the emphasis on the morning hours as fish will be more active then.


Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

Hot Creek 7/5/15

Run-off from Mammoth Creek has begun to recede exposing the aquatic weeds.

Some good caddis activity currently. Dark bodied, or natural colors for bodies are the hatch. Keep them well dressed to ride high in the foam.

Pheasant tails, & bird’s nest patterns are best for nymphs.

Small parachute midge; or mayfly patterns used with a 10 foot leader are best for surface presentations when the fish are on the midges/or clusters. T

here are a few sections that can be fished with a dry dropper nymph rig.

The hoppers are beginning to show. A stimulator is a good profile for them.

Use these in the wind, as the terrestrials get blown off the banks, & the trout hunt for them along the shoreline.

Try my hi-vis caddis pattern, it works well here.

Dead drifted broken back zebras, small gillies, scuds, flashback PT’s, or assassin birds nest bead heads in #18 are good calls for the dropper. Size 18 or smaller crystal olive caddis larva or zebra midges are good calls as droppers.

This is a year around fishery with special regs in place.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

With low lake levels fish should be concentrated and fishing should be good now that the weather is cooperating.

Fish near the inflow of the creek and fish early in the morning. Also, fishing up the creek a ways should be productive.

Fly rodders should be using wooly, crystal and seal buggers, hares ears, PT nymphs, hares ears and copper Johns. If fishing the creek, try small yellow stimulators, elk hair caddis and hopper patterns.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: 

Lake is officially sitting at 71% capacity.  

With another stoking of DFW trout this week fishing should be better from the shoreline. Fishing from boat has been best in 25-40 feet of water with Needlefish, Wedding rings or similar lures tipped with nightcrawlers have been the most effective. 

Don’t discount using Rapalas as some of the larger trout have gone for these.  

Some nice rainbows being caught around the Dam and smaller planters off the Pass Creek area.  

Some days are good and some days are not. Hey, it sure beats work! 

Best areas here for the boaters has been Southwest corner of the lake and across the dam. 

For the shore fisherman going for DFW stocked Trout they will be pretty eager to bite on nightcrawlers floated with a mallow or power bait, those throwing hardware are using small Kastmasters, Roostertails, and Panther Martins.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Jakes Creek has been fishing fair to good for 9 to 14 inch trout.

Surface water temps have moved into the low 70’s and the weeds are growing.

Anglers with small boats or float tubes have the best chance, by getting out past the weeds and fishing back into them.

The usual assortment of wooly buggers, hares ears, copper Johns and PT nymphs should all work.

Power Bait, worms and small spinners should be used by spin fishermen.

Soft plastic baits and small minnow imitation lures are working well for bass.

Closed. Will re-open July 15, 2015.

Middle Owens River (Bishop area) 7/5/15 

Very warm air temps, & warm water.

Solid caddis activity in wild trout section, down to Five Bridges Road crossing.

Early mornings, and calm late afternoons are very good for dry fly fishing.

Use hi-vis caddis #16 & 18. Nymphing with crystal olive caddis larva, assassins, and broken back midges are also good when the hatch is off.

Flows are very low (98 CFS) so dry/dropper bead head rigs can be effective in the deeper riffles.

Drift boat trips have been slow, and we are seeing more tiny largemouth bass than trout! The bass have moved up from the lower sections of the river, and migrated through the canals from Buckley Pond into the Owens. Even the wild trout section has numerous bass now.

Prolonged periods of low flows have elevated water temps, & lowered oxygen levels this summer. Not good news for the trout here, and we hope the flows come up soon.


You need to check your pets, and yourself thoroughly after anytime time in the brush. There are also some mosquitoes present on the calm mornings.

This fishery remains open year around.

Special regs from the footbridge at Pleasant Valley campground to the fishing monument 4.7 miles downstream.

Upper Owens/ McGee Creek 7/5/15

Fishing is fair here.

Some planted fish have moved upstream into the deeper pools. 

Stream bed conditions are much better above the bridge. You can get into a few decent browns on caddis, and last generation BWO adults at times. 

timulators, hi-vis caddis, & natural caddis are good calls for dry flies.  

Flows are low here (40 CFS) with aquatic weeds an issue in the lower sections below the Benton Crossing Bridge.

McGee has some small browns and a few decent rainbows.

Dry dropper rigs, & nymphing with FB PT’s, Assassins, & olive crystal caddis below an Under-cator, or hi-vis caddis or hi-vis para BWO will work.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Anglers are finding some success at the upper marsh for panfish and catfish.

Mealworms or night crawlers below a bobber will catch fish.


Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

Pleasant Valley Reservoir 7/5/15

Hot weather slows the bite down in the afternoons.

The small river section has been best for numbers of smaller rainbows, & browns-use dry/dropper bead head nymph combos here.

Forget fishing the river, or inlet if the hydro station is ramped up due to hydro power generation which can happen at any time.  

Heavy weeds are present in the transition section near the inlet, and along the lakes shoreline as levels have remained relatively stable for a prolonged period.

Stimulators, hi-vis para BWO’s, or hi-vis caddis may be used as the upper fly-use crystal olive caddis larva, flashback PT’s, Assassins, broken back or crystal tiger & zebra midges as your dropper bead head nymph.

Tubing  has really picked up from the launch ramp, up to the inlet section.

Streamers like Loebergs, Agent Orange, Crystal leeches, & Spruce-A-Bu’s will get you into some nice browns, & larger bows in the rez proper.

Use a full sinking, or heavy sink tip line to get down 10-15 feet quickly.

You can also fish “Crowley midge style” in the rez near the drop-offs.

Fish chironomid patterns below an Under-cator. Gillies, broken back midges, crystal emergers & pupa patterns.

Tiger & zebra midges are always a solid choice for your larva pattern.

This fishery is open year around.

The Gorge 7/5/15

Too hot for me to fish this during the summer; however the Gorge could be classified as the true “tailwater” from Crowley Lake.

The fish here are all wild browns with a large one going 16 inches.

Moderate/difficult hiking is required to access the more secluded sections. Watch out for rattlers.

Rock hopping and bush whacking can be expected.

Dry/dropper bead head nymph combos work well in the deeper pools.

Use PT’s, Assassin birds nest, broken back midges, tiger midges, & crystal olive larva patterns as the nymphs.

Hi-vis para BWO’s, Stimulators, parachute midge adults, & elk caddis, & hi-vis caddis are good choices for your dry fly.

Pack in water, have cleated wading boots and a stout staff.

2-4wt. rods are perfect for this water.

Snakes may be out early!

Season open year around


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

Lake has come up slightly to about 26% capacity. 

Recently, a decent Smallmouth bite around the dam and along the shoreline for those who prefer the Bronzebacks to Trout.  

Some GOOD reports of stocked rainbows and some stocked Cutties in the Prosser Creek arm.  Use small flashy lures for these guys and if that doesn’t work go with nightcrawlers and power bait.




The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

It is easy to launch a boat at the main ramp, but stay away from the Narciss boat launch. Surface water temps at the boat ramp are in the mid 70’s.

Dark colored soft plastic baits with some sparkle or a contrasting colored tail, fished weedless should work for the bass in the south lake.

On those rare evenings and early mornings when the wind has died down, fishing poppers can provide some fun action.

Fishing in the collection ditch is fair for trout.

No word on what flies or lures are working, but expect emergers as well as dries to work. Damselfly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs, hares ears and copper Johns have all produced fish.

Anglers should also try hares ears, PT’s, and Mayfly dries.

For spin fishermen the usual assortment of small spinners and minnow type lures are all effective here.

The ditch is artificial lures and flies only and wading is not allowed in the ditch.


Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report:

Fly Fishing:

As of  July 6, 2015 water flow is currently 7,200 CFS and steady.
Lower Sacramento River fishing report  

Sacramento River Rainbow trout fishing is great!

Most days catching over 20 fish days.

Water is clear and low. Mornings and afternoon trips have been fantastic. 

The aqua golf area fishing well and catching a few around the Anderson river park area,  the Redding area fishing the best.

Working best are PT’s  and  Micro Mayflies. 


Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

San Joaquin River 7/5/15

Conditions are very good as long as a significant thunder storm does not dump on the area and swell the river with rain run-off.

Campground sections have some small planted fish.

The wild trout here are eager to hit most surface imitations in the #14-18 range.

I like hi-vis para mayflies, Stimulators, and  hi-vis caddis patterns as a point fly.

Tie a two foot dropper off the hook bend and add a blue winged olive or natural caddis adult.  Dry/dry tandems are effective and can really help you see you imitations in riffle water, or shadows.


Kirk and Lisa Portocarrero at and (1-800-670-4448) report:

July 4, 2015  Shasta Lake guided fishing

Northern California fishing Lake Shasta

Offer daily guided fishing on Lake Shasta.
Shasta Lake fishing, Rainbow trout and King salmon is fantastic.

Trolling at 35 to 75 ft. deep, using Triple teasers.  

We have plenty of water for great fishing.

Rainbow being caught around the whole lake and salmon around Hertz Bay on McCloud Arm.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Surface water temperatures are in the mid 70’s and the weeds and algae are coming on fast.

Sherbet, rainbow, and Chartreuse Power Bait with worms are what most anglers have been using for trout, with the Power Bait appearing to catch more fish.

Boaters should fish their presentations down about 15 feet deep.

Shore anglers should look for shorelines that drop off quickly so they can get their presentation to deeper water.

Flyrodders have been having luck with smaller flies such as hares ears, prince nymphs, black micro leeches and copper Johns in sizes 14 to 18 fished about 12 to 15 feet below an indicator.

Wooly, seal and crystal buggers on a full sink line are also catching trout and bass, but mostly in the early morning. There is a damselfly and mayfly hatch going on, so damselfly nymphs and adults should provide some action, though for trout you need to fish early in the morning.

Bass anglers are catching both largemouth and smallmouth at the south end of the lake along the buoy line. Look for the submerged trees.

Dark soft plastic baits in motor oil, guacamole, root beer and dark purple with some sparkles in them have been working.

As of Wednesday, July 1, anglers may keep one black bass 15 inches or longer.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: 

Lake is at 16% capacity.  

Surface temp is 70 degrees here, which is driving the Kokes deeper now.

Expecting a stock of trout this week and with that shore fishing should be good!

Kokanee fishing has been steady here with most kokes being caught through the narrows and by the dam, where one will be chasing schools of these guys.

Microsquids, kokanuts, and the like have been go-to lures here at 35-50 feet. 

Pink and Orange have been the go to colors here with Green and Yellow variations also picking up some fish in the mornings. 

In the PM with the sun on the water try some darker colors such as Purple, Blue and Black. Go deeper later and shallow in the AM.  

Macks can be found here under the schools of Kokes around the dam and can be trolled or jigged for with imitations of these.  

Again, shore fishing will be good for the Bows with power bait, nightcrawlers, and various hardware. 

Smallies are suspended along shelves in the Davis Creek arm and most are being taken on suspending baitfish patterns, Crayfish patterns, and various Jigs worked down these shelves. 

Some big smallies here, but you’ll have to work hard for them.


A continuing report of limits of average sized Mackinaw Trout being caught on silver flasher blades and minnows, trolled at depths of 100-300 feet on the west side of the lake near Homewood, California.


Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports: 

Flows have dropped considerably and water temps have spiked to almost 70-74 during the latter part of the day now. 

This is just the beginning of summer and the outlook could be grim if the river doesn’t get a bump in flow from the local reservoirs. 

Even 50 CFS would be something. 

I would really start looking for other water to fish at this time and I would NOT fish the Truckee for the rest of the summer and fall.  



Mountain Hardware and Sports of Truckee (530-587-4844) ( reports:

Don’t fish.


John and Carolyn Webb of the Virginia Lakes Resort (760-647-6484) ( report:

Weather: – (sunrise/sunset)
Sunday        48º  5:35:8:18  Thin high clouds, raining by 2pm until 7:00pm
Monday       50º  5:35/8:17  Clear with a few fluffy clouds 8am, 4pm thunder/lightning and rain – 2 hours.
Tuesday       48º  5:36/8:18  Clear with a few clouds rolling in, poured with thunder and lightning
Wednesday   52º 5:36/8:18  Cloudy most of the day – 9pm lightning-thunder-show – DFW stocked 600 pounds

Thursday       54º 5:37/8:17  Cloudy and sprinkled for a second but rained late.
Friday        50º  5:37/8:17  Mostly clear with a few clouds

Saturday       50º  5:38/8:17
Mother Nature has put us right in the middle of summer with the hotter than normal temps for this time of year. 

The week started out clear with temperatures ranging from 41 degrees to a high of 54 in the mornings. 

Fishing was good but did slow down with the heat. 

Lower Creek did open last weekend, but no news on the upper.

Inflated nightcrawlers number one bait, Slammers bubblegum mouse-tails, Orange/white mouse-tails and rainbow garlic glitter, and various Sierra Slammers have been working throughout most of the week.

The best action was on red/gold Thomas Buoyant’s and Kastmasters working have been gold, silver and blue/silver, but always try different lures, you just never know.

The only hatch has been small surface midges and a few bottom larvae up until Saturday when everything came alive and just in time to run for cover from the wind on Sunday. It blew from about 6am until around noon, then worked in gusts to keep you guessing. Hatches are coming out of the woodwork, mayflies, caddis flies, moths, sphinx moths, and especially blue damsels which are early.

Olive is the color for most flies using Woolly Buggers, Twin Lakes special (dirty tail my version “Dirty Doc”) with a dropper (prince nymph, olive bird’s nest,  Midges: Try them all.

Has seen more action this past week and using dry flies (bubble) lures and worms.  I encourage everyone to keep only what they can eat, it is a resource that should be of value to everyone. 

If the trout bleeds, it’s yours, PLEASE don’t toss it back into the lake as it will die.  If you care about the resource please be careful when releasing fish back into the lake.  Also, IT ATTRACKS BEARS!
Carolyn 7.3.15


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

No new updates. No Lahontan cutthroat have been reported or seen at Walker Lakes since 2009.

Launching is not possible right now.


Tom Loe of the Sierra Drifters Guide Service (760-935-4250) ( reports:

East Walker River 7/5/15

Flows running at 60 CFS. Trout fishing is slow.

This fishery is open year around with special regs in place.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Fishing has been slow for trout, but the ones that are caught are averaging around 20 inches.

Surface water temperatures are in the mid 70’s.

Some smallmouth and wipers are being caught.

Bait anglers are having the best luck with a worm/marshmallow combination, followed by sparkle Power Bait in rainbow or sherbet colors.

Flyrodders are using wooly buggers, leeches, copper Johns, PT nymphs, damselfly nymphs, prince nymphs and hares ears.

The limits are back on at Wild Horse Reservoir. As of Wednesday, July 1, anglers may keep one black bass 15 inches or longer. Make sure you check the current Nevada Fishing Guide for current regulations and limits.


The Nevada Department of Wildlife ( reports:

Almost 50,000 fish have been stocked here over the past month.

One angler in a boat limited out on 18 inch trout in the canyon by the dam.

Another boater was doing well on bass along weed beds near the shore.

The same presentations and baits used at South Fork should also work here.



Chris Blaha Draft C