Good Morning, Carson Valley: June 22

Posted By on June 22, 2015

by Joey Crandall,

GARDNERVILLE, Nev. — As you might have imagined, there’s not going to be much of anything else to update outside of watching whatever the Washington Fire is going to do today.

As of 6:22 a.m., we’re waiting on an updated size in acreage – which will probably be forthcoming in the next two hours or so.

We will be keeping all updates on the fire at this link throughout the day and the entirety of the fire. Our prayers are with the firefighters as they tackle this blaze in what has been described as extremely hazardous terrain.

If there is any good news, it’s that the winds should subside slightly today to 5-15 mph, according to the National Weather Service, though wildfire does tend to create its own weather as well.

The high today is expected to be 88 degrees. That will gradually climb throughout the week, approaching 98 degrees by Friday and sticking there through the weekend. There is a chance of rain and thunderstorms expected to come in with the extreme heat, but not until Saturday and Sunday at this point.

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With all of the smoke that will be blowing around the area over at least the next few days, Douglas County offered some tips:


[su_box title=”Smoke Tips” box_color=”#494949″]If you have health concerns, are elderly, pregnant, or have a child in your care, consider talking with your doctor now about what to do if the air becomes smoky. Concentrations of smoke may vary depending upon location, weather, and distance to the fire. Smoke from wildfires and structure fires contain harmful chemicals that can affect your health. Smoke can cause eye and throat irritation, coughing and difficulty breathing. People who are at greatest risk of experiencing symptoms due to smoke include young children, pregnant women, older adults and those with respiratory disease such as asthma and/or heart disease. If you or members of your family have lung or heart disease, contact your doctor immediately if you have symptoms that get worse. Even healthy adults can be affected by smoke. If you are in a wildfire prone area, consider buying an air purifier to use in the event of smoky air. Some air cleaners can help reduce indoor pollutants if they are the right type and size for your home. Air cleaners with ozone generators are NOT appropriate for home use. The Air Resources Board recommends avoiding them. Ozone is a gas that can cause health problems including lung irritation and breathing difficulty.… [/su_box]


As we said, most of our efforts today will be focused on the fire. We were scheduled to bring you the finals of “Salad Wars” but we’re postponing until next Monday to allow for more attention to the fire. We’re still planning to bring you this week’s job openings this morning, along with some other news updates we’re catching up on from the weekend.

That’s a full lid for now. Take care out there, and have a great day.