“It Was Nevada” — Novel Set in Topaz, Carson Valley Now Available At Laxague Feed & Supply

Posted By on June 10, 2015


Special to the Carson Valley Times

GARDNERVILLE, Nev. — “It Was Nevada,” a historical novel with roots deep in the old Fairfield Ranch, located in Topaz and the surrounding Sierra, is now available in Gardnerville at John Laxague’s Feed and Supply, located at 1428 Industrial Way.

POS603199_L1.inddLaxague and “It Was Nevada” author Tony Lesperance are old friends, as Laxague was a student of Lesperance’s at the University of Nevada.

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The novel starts in the early 1940’s and follows Nevada agriculture through 1984. It was a time when Nevada cattle ranching ran Nevada, but it was also a time when Nevada began to change — a change that quite literally altered the direction of Nevada forever after.

Using his past experiences as fuel for the wild story of his new book, Lesperance crafts an exciting novel that follows a young man’s adventures and his relentless goal to work in a Nevada cattle ranch. Whilst exposing the world of agriculture production to readers, “It Was Nevada” is described as a story of action, passion and a whole lot of determination.

Lesperance holds the title of professor emeritus of Animal and Range Science, University of Nevada, Reno. During his 25-year career at the university, he taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses, published approximately 160 scientific publications, and served on countless committees, not only at Nevada but nationally as well. Since leaving the university, Lesperance and his wife have owned and operated a successful business in Elko, Nev., dealing in agriculture and mining. He has served as a county commissioner for Elko County, Nev., and served for three years as director of Nevada Department of Agriculture. Lesperance and his wife currently own and operate a small ranch in Paradise Valley, Nev. Both he and his wife, Nancy, will be celebrating their eightieth birthday in 2015.