Class of 2015 Molly Youth Awards Winners Honored

Posted By on May 19, 2015

Courtesy of the MEFIYI Foundation

MINDEN, Nev. — The 11th annual Molly Youth Awards recently celebrated outstanding achievements of Douglas County student-athletes last week for their academic achievement, athletic participation and community service.

The ceremony was hosted by the Carson Valley Inn and presented by MEFIYI (Me-for-Incredible-Youth, Inc.) that is directed by JoJo and Suzi Townsell. Douglas High School seniors, Nicole “Koko” Terada, Montrashay Worley and Ingrid Carlson were awarded the three $1,000 George and Josie Graham Memorial Scholarships.

Each year MEFIYI honors local incredible kids and celebrates the life of Douglas High School student-athlete Molly Lahlum, who died in 2009.


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Douglas High School Junior Student-athlete Dallyn Malarchuk again served as the event’s hostess.

MEFIYI recognized the NFL Foundation, E.L. Cord Foundation, Robert R. Banks Foundation, Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation, Professional Athletes Foundation and Heavenly-Vail Resorts, Inc. for their continued support of MEFIYI and Northern Nevada student-athletes.

Special gratitude and recognition to the Carson Valley Inn, RAMAC Industries and The Record-Courier for sponsorships that make the Molly Youth Awards a special night for the student-athletes and their families.


Leah Schemenaur

Montrashay Worley
Aubrey Caires

Savannah Allmett
Emma Sperry

Nicole Terada
Kaycee Battcher

Ingrid Carlson
Johnnie Saletti

Ariah Barth
Kayleigh Carlson

Delaney Jacobson
Kelsey Carlson

Cole Pinther
Jake Houghton

Mallory Seidlitz
Spencer Flanders

Nicholas Abreu
Taryn Allmett

Olivia Abbott
Luke Houghton

Sydne Huck
Katherine Krolicki

Taylor Fruth
Jillyan Jacobson

Lindsey Adams
Marissa Flanders
Madison Harvey
Zachary Kellar
Michael Hanson
Hannah SIzelove
Daria Sharon
Ruby Sue Jacobson
Jordan Smith
Jack Smith
Matthew Shick
Madelyn Landerfelt
Fiona Mora
Hannah Mora
Sean Dunkelman